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(626) 815-1632


When it comes to energy, your home is a system. The insulation, air ducts, windows, furnace, and air conditioning all work together. Comfort Climate Control can conduct a home performance assessment to determine your home’s condition and energy performance.

Homeowner Interview:
Our initial consultation is to identify any specific comfort issues and understand typical living patterns in your home.

Energy Bills Review:
Our Comfort Specialist will review energy use in your home to serve as a benchmark for projected savings estimates.

Home Evaluation:
We conduct a visual inspection of the exterior, interior, home envelope, and all mechanical systems to determine their condition.

Safety Check & Testing:
We recommend a combination of diagnostic tests to identify leaks and ventilation issues and assess the home’s energy performance.

Home Improvement Recommendations:
We will provide a list of home improvement measures based on health and safety issues, comfort, and overall cost-benefit. Recommendations include home improvements such as replacing your mechanical system, sealing ductwork, air seal and insulate attic, replace windows, upgrade lighting, upgrade appliances, and upgrade water heating equipment.